Recent Publications

Recent Publications
Fitz Gerald, J. N., Carlson, A. L., Smith, E., Maloof, J. N., Weigel, D., Chory, J, Borevitz, J. O., and Swanson R. J. 2014 New Arabidopsis advanced intercross recombinant inbred lines reveal female control of nonrandom mating. Plant Physiology. 165: 175-185.

Carlson A. L., Gong H., Toomajian, C., and Swanson R. J. 2013 Genetic similarity and patterns in nonrandom mating and seed yield in predominately selfing Arabidopsis thaliana. Plant Reproduction. 26: 317-328

Rubenstein, E. M., Kreft, S. G., Greenblatt, W., Swanson R. and Hochstrasser M. 2012 Aberrant substrate engagement of the ER translocon triggers degradation by the Hrd1 ubiquitin ligase.. J Cell Biol. 11: 761-73

Carlson A. L., Fitz Gerald J. N., Telligman M., Roshanmanesh J. and Swanson R. J. 2011 Defining the genetic architecture underlying female- and male-mediated nonrandom mating and seed yield traits in Arabidopsis. Plant Physiol. 2011 157: 1956-64

Dobritsa, A. A., Shihoff, A. D., Shrestha J., Carlson A., Urbanczyk-Wochniak E., Kooyers N., Sumner L. W., Swanson R., Preuss D.  A large genetic screen in Arabidopsis to identify genes involved in pollen exine production. 2011 Plant Physiology 157: 947-70 NOTE: Our work was featured as the cover image

Dobritsa, A. A., Nishikawa, S. I., Preuss, D., Urbanczyk-Wochniak, E., Sumner, L. W., Hammond, A., Carlson, A. L. & Swanson, R. J. 2009 LAP3, a novel plant protein required for pollen development, is essential for proper exine formation. Sexual Plant Reproduction 22: 167-177.

Carlson, A. L., Telligman, M. & Swanson, R. 2009 Incidence and post-pollination mechanisms of nonrandom mating in Arabidopsis thaliana Sexual Plant Reproduction 22: 257-262.

Dobritsa, A. A., Shrestha, J., Morant, M., Pinot, F., Matsuno, M., Swanson, R., Moller, B. L. & Preuss, D. 2009 CYP704B1 Is a Long-Chain Fatty Acid omega-Hydroxylase Essential for Sporopollenin Synthesis in Pollen of Arabidopsis. Plant Physiology 151: 574-589.

Swanson, R., Clark, T. and Preuss, D. 2005. Expression profiling of Arabidopsis stigma tissue identifies stigma-specific genes. Sexual Plant Reprod. 18, 163-171.

Nishikawa, S. Zinkl, G. M., Swanson, R., Alexander, B. and Preuss, D. 2005. Callose is essential for Arabidopsis pollen wall patterning, but not pollen tube growth. BMC Plant Biology. 5, 22, 1-9.

Swanson, R., Edlund A.F., and Preuss, D. 2004. Species specificity in pollen-pistil interactions. Ann. Rev. Gen. 38, 793-818.

Edlund, A. F., Swanson, R. and Preuss, D. 2004. Pollen and stigma structure and function: The role of diversity in pollination. Plant Cell 16 Suppl, S84-97.

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